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Storybooks are of great interest to children. This book is not just a collection of stories but real incidents. In this way, it will drag adults' interest too. As we all know Rasullah SAWW, the last Prophet of Allah, had performed many miracles with the blessings of Allah. Here animals and trees recognized him, respected him and spoke to him amazingly. What did they speak? How did Rasulullah SAWW communicate with them? This collection of stories has been imparted with incidents with happened during his time, in a lucid way to make children of this modern era understand the greatness of our Prophet. These stories make children travel to his era defeating time. Beautiful coloured illustrations help children enjoy the story visually. Even adults would find it difficult to resist their temptation about the wonderful experiences in these stories. With Allah's blessings, these facts have been designed in an excellent way to enhance your reading. What more to say? Read and feel the real!

Stories Of Animal & Trees Talking

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