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How to Experience God Every DayWhat is spirituality?Why do we need to be spiritual?What does it take to be a spiritual aspirant?Many of us confuse spirituality with dogma, rites, rituals and occult practices. We think that worldly life is tough enough without taking on anything more.Renowned spiritual guru, Dada JP Vaswani tells us that spirituality is a matter of experience: it is simply the opening of the doors to our hearts and inviting God to enter into our being and lives. Enter the beautiful world of the atman with Dada Vaswani and discover the true freedom that spirituality confers upon you. Discover the quintessential you, which has remained hidden under veils of worldly matters and materialistic desires!Explore the unfathomable universe of the spirit with the revered Dada Vaswani.

Spirituality in Daily Life

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