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This highly acclaimed book is an international award winner and is written by an investigative journalist, Greg O Brien, who is afflicted by early onset Alzheimer s disease. O Brien goes into his own mind to chronicle the progress of his own disease and presents a moving, but practical account of what s it like to lose your mind, to see slices of your own identity slowly drifting away like blow balls. He likens the journey to a flyby of the dwarf planet Pluto, as seen through the lens of NASA s intrepid spacecraft New Horizons.This is a book about living with Alzheimer s, not dying with it. It is a book about hope, faith and humour a prescription far more powerful than the conventional medication available today to fight this disease.Acting on long-term memory and skill, coupled with well-developed journalistic grit, O Brien decided to tackle the disease and his imminent decline by writing frankly about the journey. He is a master storyteller. His story is naked, wrenching and soul searching for a generation and their loved ones about to cross the threshold of this death in slow motion. On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer s is a trail-blazing roadmap for a generation both a how to for fighting a disease and a how not to give up.

On Pluto Inside the mind

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